Philadelphia-based Gloomy Gorgeous is a lifestyle blog for cultivating a life inspired by all things dark and moody. Here is a haven for those of us drawn to an atypical look. Wear all-black dark fashion confidently and stylishly. Feel beautiful in luxurious, quality clothes that harmonize with your unorthodox disposition. Get in touch with your dark tourist and inspired for traveling to intriguing and unusual locations.

About Emily

Emily grew up in Western Pennsylvania and moved to the Philadelphia area in 2009. She studied Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Professionally, she works as a front-end developer. Over the years, she’s grown restless with wearing jeans and a t-shirt every day to work and is looking towards expressing herself in a more refined manner.

Outside of the office, she spends time with her husband. Besides an interest in all things dark, major passions of hers include playing video games, visiting museums, eating and making delicious food, and creating and viewing art.